1. adeadlynightshade asked: Guess what day it iiiiiiisssss~! Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear amazing person <3 Happy birthday to yoooouuuuu!!!! WOO ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! Hope you're having a FANFUCKINGTASTIC day and make every second count. Even some parts are not the coolest beans, find the itty bitty teeny tiny good part about it. Love the blog as always :3 I know we hardly know each other but I can honestly say that you're a pretty awesome gal. Happy alive day! Eat all the cake 8D

    Aw thank you so much!! You’re the absolute sweetest. I hope you have an awesome week :)

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    What a color scheme. I would have a damn hard time deciding how to paint each section of trim on a Victorian.


    a paint job like this requires high quality paint, a lot of patience and a fuckton of masking tape

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    Jacob Isaac Swanenburgh: Hell (1617?)

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    Divinità adorate dagli antichi Persi — Engraving by Giovanni Antonio Sasso, published 1823-1838: “1. Saturn, 2. Jupiter-Horus, 3. Mars, 4. Sun god, 5. Venus, 6. Mercury, 7. Moon goddess, drawn early 1800s from 17th century description based on ancient mss [sic]”

    (New York Public Library)

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    Claude Paradin, Symbola heroica m. Clavdii Paradini, Belliiocensis canonici, et d. Gabrielis Symeonis : multo, quàm antea, fidelius de gallica lingua in latinam conuersa (1600)

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  12. I did a thing today. Stoked. @steveminerva is phenomenal.

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    yes judith slaaaay

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